The Secret of Flipkart Seller

flipkart seller

Why you need Flipkart Seller Account

If you like to sell any Product through Flipkart, you want a Flipkart Seller account, through this account, you can increase your company sale all over the nation. It is the next-generation company module and better than an offline business.

Basic Requirements

First of all, to make this seller account on Flipkart, you should follow the steps given below.

  • Pan Card: You can not open the seller account on Flipkart without any pan card.
  • GST Number: This is compulsory to open a seller account on Flipkart. So, Without GST number, you are unable to sell anything except books.
  • Bank Account: It is the major requirement to get the payment.
  • Address Proof: During making the seller account, you need to prove your address.
  • Mobile Number: To get phone call and messages.
  • Email Id: Finally to get emails.

How to Create Flipkart Seller Account - Step by Step

Step 1. Open the site with following Link

Step 2. Find Register Today Box, put your email id & phone number then click Start Selling Button.

Step 3. Fill the form, put your name and password, type the mobile number for verification and click on Send OPT button, you will receive an OPT than put the number on OPT Box after clicking the Continue button.

Step 4. Select the Primary Selling Category, click on that category which you want to sell and then click on the Submit button.

primary seller

Step 5. Set your pickup location, put your area pincode and then click Submit button.

Step 6. Complete all your profile to start selling on Flipkart, please verify your email send by Flipkart then the four boxes are available which the seller has to fill up.


Step 7. In the Business Detail option, the seller has to register the Business Name, TAN Number, GST Number, scan copy of seller signature and Registered Business Address, put all the information correctly then click on Save button.

Step 8. Bank details option, the seller has to register Bank Account Number, Business Type, IFSC Code, Copy of Pan Card, Copy of Address Proof, Copy of Cancel Cheque. Upload all the above information correctly then click on Save button.

Step 9. Store Details Option, you have to put your Store Name and Business Description in this box.

Step 10. Add Listings Option, you can upload your product through this option.

Step 11. Help us know you better Option, this is a Box has 11 options. Tick all the information for Happy Selling on Flipkart.

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