The Complete Detail Of Flipkart Customer Care Number and 24 Hours Helpline No.

Here we are about to discuss Flipkart Customer Care and 24/7 helpline numbers. In this article, we will share with you all the necessary details and will also inform you the working of customer care no. We all use online shopping website regularly for buying stuff. The company offers you great deals on home appliances and electronic items. This is an Indian online shopping ecommerce website where the buyers can find almost everything for buying and from best brands. You may be here because you are looking forward to contacting the customer care support team. The customer service department is a key link in any company. This is the indispensable element of the mechanism of interaction between the company and its customers, without which the need will never grow into a product or service and demand will never meet supply.

Therefore, the position of a customer service specialist requires the executor to have a high level of competence in many areas: you need to not only understand in detail all aspects of your company’s activity but also be able to clearly and concisely state your thoughts – in writing and orally, have the ability to read between lines, be positive, patient and interesting person. Flipkart Customer Care Number offers the ideal support, you can easily replace or return the items purchased from an online shopping company. In many cases, the online store provides easy return but in some cases like if your product is physically damaged then the company will not offer you a refund. If you want to raise any complaint regarding the product you got from the website then you have to contact them. You should have their number If you want to contact the customer care support team. Flipkart customer care no. is easily available but if it is tough to get it then we will help you in that case. Today we will provide you the customer care number which anyone can dial 24/7. Before then we can explain that what qualities should have a good customer service manager.

flipkart customer care


In fact, the customer service manager is the first person the client meets when contacting the company, in person or by phone. If the first impression is at least a little spoiled by an incorrect or repulsive manner of communication, the client may well follow the human factor (which, as you know, is one of the strongest) and turn to competitors, where he will be much more welcome. And the most long-term business relationships most often still are built between people, and not between business processes. Therefore, the way a client manager is able to communicate, meet, guide a client through the entire project and then maintain loyal relations with him ultimately determines the success of the company.


In the service sector, the client often does not know what he wants. He knows more precisely, but very roughly: “I have such and such a problem, what could you advise me?” That is, in fact, the client expects the professional to offer him how to solve certain problems. Which is logical, because that is why the client does not solve his problems on his own but turns to another company? Moreover, the client is not required to know in detail how his problem is being solved. This is where the customer service manager should “play”; for this, he needs an in-depth knowledge of the “inside kitchen”. It is necessary not only to ask the right questions but also to help the client answer them correctly.


If narrow-profile specialists are only responsible for their area of activity, then the client manager usually leads the entire project from start to finish. And it is he who has to keep in touch with the client, “report” to him in the case of success, and in case of errors of other employees.

Readiness to help

This personal quality should be present in every representative of the customer service department. This quality implies an awareness of the need to help others.


The processes within the company resemble a living organism, where everything moves and can change at any time. Those decisions that were made yesterday may already be irrelevant today, or the client’s wishes may change. At the same time, a customer service specialist should not only make lightning decisions but also quickly evaluate them for the future.


There are situations when the client’s wishes run counter to common sense, and a compromise must be sought for both sides. In this case, the customer service specialist is entrusted with the task of conveying to the client the idea that the same problem can be solved in different ways, as well as intelligibly and patiently justify to the Client why the solution proposed by the company is the best.


Obviously, the work of an employee of the customer service department requires the ability to keep in mind and operate a huge amount of information every day, as well as correctly structure and present this information to all participants in the process. If a customer service specialist forgets to call back, pass on new requirements to performers, or request a report on time, the consequences will turn out to be deplorable and not requiring comments. There is a famous joke about how one spiteful, unfriendly seller can destroy the company’s built-up marketing strategy for years. Therefore, it is very important that we take the responsibility of choosing an employee for the role of a customer service manager because he will be the “face” of the company and a true universal employee in the future.

Email Details

For Flipkart Customer Care Department: [email protected] 

For Affiliate ID: [email protected] 

For Vendors: [email protected] 

Flipkart Business ID is: [email protected] 

The Affiliate Marketing ID is: [email protected]

Flipkart Customer Care Number

Flipkart Customer Care Phone Number: 1800-102-3547 

Toll-Free Number: 1800-208-9898 

Flipkart Customer Care Number: 1800 208 9898 

Flipkart Customer Care Suggestion: 1800-1080-1800 

Flipkart Customer Care Helpline Number (Toll Apply): 0124-615-0000


All the numbers which we have mentioned above are the official flipkart customer care number.

Registered Office Address Flipkart

Registered Office Address:  Flipkart Internet Private Limited, Vaishnavi Summit, First Floor, 7th Main, 80 Feet Road, 3rd Block, Koramangala, Bengaluru – 560034, India. (Telephone number: 1800 208 9898) 

Flipkart Mail Address: Flipkart Internet Private Limited, Ozone Manay Tech Park, #56/18 & 55/09, 7th Floor, Garvebhavipalya, Hosur Road, Bangalore – 560068, Karnataka, India. 

‘’ this link provides Flipkart Official Help Center. Through this, you can find answers to all your queries.

Flipkart Customer Care Through Mobile phone App

Download Flipkart application and use it easily on your mobiles. You may contact Flipkart customer care by following these steps mentioned under.

  1. Open Flipkart app on your mobile phone and sign in your account if you are not already signed in.
  2. Tap the three horizontal lines on the top left of your display, a window will show from the left side of the displayed screen.
  3. Scroll down and tap on ‘Help Center.’ It will be redirected to a new page.
  4. You will see the complete product that you have ordered. Tap on the ordered product that you want to learn about.
  5. You must select the issue which you are facing with the product you have ordered.
  6. After selecting the issue, a small box containing details will be shown. If this clarification does not solve your issue, you can tap on ‘Contact Us’ at the end of the page.
  7. Pick from the options, a way to contact Flipkart Customer Care.

Follow The Steps Below To Connect Flipkart Customer Care Service

Step 1: Open the link in your web browser 

flipkart customer care number

Step 2. Login In with your user ID and Password.

flipkart customer care no

Step 3. As you will see the below image. There are different categories like resolve issues, help topics like order, cancellation and returns, payment, etc. You can type the problem in the SEARCH which is mentioned in the image with a yellow arrow and find the solution to your problem.

flipkart customer care number toll free

Return Policy

It is essential to verify the products’ replacement policy and warranty before placing an order. Some of the products are refundable within 10-30 days but few of the products are non-refundable. In case of any damaged or wrong order, the company will not be responsible for replacing or refunding due to the policy.

Flipkart Official Social Media Accounts & Website

Flipkart’s Official website:

Flipkart’s twitter:

Flipkart’s Facebook page:


Flipkart’s Google Plus page:

Flipkart’s Instagram:

Why Chat Option is Not Present?

Some e-commerce websites are offering online chat options. Using this feature, you can chat with the agency executive, and you can clear all your doubts and problems. But this feature is missing from Flipkart. Customer can call the number given above or request a callback email. 

Thank you for the reading of the article above of Flipkart Customer Care Number and 24/7 Helpline No.

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