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Amazon Seller Central – Amazon India has been helping a wide range of Indian manufacturers and sellers to get on track. Amazon Seller Central Account provides an easy way of doing business, increase online sale and save a big amount of money in terms of storage, delivery & distribution.

Basic Requirements to Register as a Amazon Seller in India

To make this seller account on Amazon India, you should follow the steps given below:

  • Email address
  • Company name
  • GST number (At the time of registration)
  • PAN details of the company
  • Bank account details along with IFSC code
  • Mobile number for phone verification


How to Register Amazon Seller Account in India - Step by Step

Step 1. For Amazon seller central account registration, open the site with following link and click on Register Now.

Amazon Seller Central

Step 2. Put your Name, Mobile Number, Email and Password then click on Continue for Amazon Seller Central Account.

Seller Central Amazon

Step 3. Put the OPT number for Amazon Seller Central  which you receive on mobile than click the Verify button.

Seller Amazon

Step 4. For Seller Central Amazon enter the name of your Business, check the term and condition and click on Continue.

Amazon Seller

Step 5. Provide the Store, select Product Category (it is very important to select the right product category for items), then your area Pincode, Address(provide that address which is mentioned on your GST Number), City, State, Country and click Continue.

Amazon Seller Account

Step 6. In the below image Amazon tells you that your Address and Pincode is eligible or not for the Easy ship. The Easy ship is Amazon`s courier service which helps you to pick the product from your business address and deliver to buyer address. Use different logistics companies to deliver the product to buyer If you are not eligible for Amazon Easy ship.

Enter Alternative Pickup Address. If your business address and pickup address is different then you have to add pickup address but the pickup address should be in the same city. If the pickup address is in a different city than you have to mention in your GST. Set all the information then click Next.

Amazon Seller Login

Step 7. Put your GST Number and PAN Number. If you want to sell GST exempted product than select I sell GST Exempted Category and click Next.

Amazon Seller Central India

Step 8. Select multiple categories to sell a variety of products to attract the customers, select one of the options in Where do you get product from. Select annual turnover and number of products then click Next

Amazon Seller Support

Step 9. In the Dashboard, first click on Start Listing, to live your Amazon Seller Central Account. Before that to make sure you have the Shipping fee DetailsBank Account Details and Tax Details, uploaded.

Amazon Seller Central Login

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